Celebrating the past.

Celebrating being in business for 2 years and looking forward to many more!  August 1st, 2014 was the day that I “opened” the doors here at SPD Architecture, Inc. Well, technically, it was the day that I turned my home study/storage room into my home office. Before I could even begin that process, however, I had to give my notification to a firm that had given me so much.  To make matters worse, I had to give that notice to a man who I still greatly admire. As much as I wanted to be out on my own, it was still terribly difficult to break the news. But I had a plan and I was moving through it, checking things off one by one. It was great feeling seeing those red strikes on my list.

My first year2ndyearanniversary saw some amazing highs (great projects, awesome clients) and unbelievable lows (losing my mom to brain cancer.) One of my main goals was to connect to community.  I was so pleased that I was able to join Realities for Children – a local non-for-profit charity. Their mission is to provide for the unmet needs of children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk. My monthly membership, along with nearly 250 local businesses, allows for 100% of the funds raised to go to meet these needs. It is such an honour to a part of such an amazing organization! If you are interested in learning more about Realities, please visit their website @ www.realitiesforchildren.com.  Or feel free to contact me and I will make a personal introduction.

Enjoying the present.

The second year steeled my resolve to make SPD Architecture, Inc. a solid, thriving long-term business. A good friend of mine, who is an entrepreneur with several start-ups under his belt, told me that the second year was the make-it-or-break-it year for his companies. So I dug in and worked incredibly hard.

The high points of the year was winning the commission for The River Room, an event center in Fort Collins.  In addition to that I received a unanimous approval from Historic Preservation on The Laughing Leprechaun, an upcoming meadery in Loveland. While there were lows (losing out on 2 heavily invested commissions), I was able to turn them into motivation.  I raised the bar on myself and to do even better for my clients.

Another big highlight of my second year has been the ability to visit architects in San Diego, California, and Baton Rouge, LA. Seeing their approaches to similar projects – the design process of Hauck Architecture in San Diego and the planning processes of OnSite Design in Baton Rouge – have inspired me to keep pushing myself to improve and learn constantly. Of course, I try to balance that with spending time boating with my beautiful family on Horsetooth Reservoir.

Celebrating the future.

It’s been an incredible two years, and I’m grateful for all the encouragement and business that have enriched and supported SPD Architecture, Inc. I give my foremost thanks to God for placing me on this path and for the lessons I have learned and the ones I still am learning! And I am deeply grateful for my clients who believe in me and give me their trust to be the steward of their projects. Believe me, this is something that I do not take for granted. A huge thank you also goes out to the consultants and GC’s who have helped make these projects happen. I am lucky to work with some of the best – you all make it almost easy.

I am beyond grateful!