Our Process

Our Work Process

Explore: The best place to start is with a conversation. I listen to what my clients want and help them discover the design that will meet their needs. I have found that many clients have a clear concept of what they want but often don’t know how to express their ideas. I bring strong communication skills to all my collaborations with clients and give them the language to bring their design ideas to life.

Design: This aspect of my process sets me apart from other architects because I firmly believe that the form of my designs follow the desires of my clients. Architecture is a profession of service, wherein I see myself as a conduit through which my client’ visions can become a reality. I don’t superimpose my preconceived ideas of architecture on my clients’ desires; your needs and concepts guide me. Though I don’t specialize in just one type of design, Green & Green has always been an inspiration for me because of the attention to detail, warm use of materials, and functional and beautiful space.

Develop: Once I have established the designs with my clients, I take the design concepts and finesse them into a cohesive, detailed, and executable plan. I work with the specifics, from materials and labor to the measurements and finishes. As with all parts of my work process, I rely on my clients’ feedback to guide the choices and any changes that need to be made to the designs.

Deliver: Here, the design leaps off the page and into 3-D. At the request of clients, I collaborate with the general contractors to oversee the construction of the final design. I resolve any problems that arise, handle many aspects of permitting and zoning, attend hearings, and guide the project to completion.