Hays Market – Johnstown

Facade Improvements Commercial

Johnstown, CO

Square Footege

November 2022

Welcome to an exciting project aimed at revitalizing a tired and faded façade, with a strong focus on creating a space that appeals to the community. Hays Market is a façade improvement project in Johnstown, CO.  We are committed to transforming the existing outdated finishes into a fresh and innovative design that instills a sense of pride and belonging in the neighborhood.

Our primary objective is to create a façade that resonates with the community, connecting people through its inviting and captivating aesthetics. By bidding farewell to the worn-out elements, we will introduce a new visual language that reflects the spirit, culture, and aspirations of the local residents.  Imagine a building that not only catches the eye but also tells the stories of the community. Our team of skilled professionals will employ their expertise to carefully design and select high-quality materials that harmonize with the surrounding environment. Every detail, from the lines and textures to the color palette, will be thoughtfully considered to establish a visually engaging conversation with its observers.

Together, we will embark on a remarkable journey of transformation, breathing new life into the façade and creating a space that fosters a sense of connection and belonging. This project is an opportunity for our community to come together, celebrate our shared heritage, and shape a future that inspires and uplifts us all.

Elder Construction worked closely with the Owner and Design Team throughout the design process to help keep the project on time and in budget.  Photos coming soon!