Parallel Financial

Tenant Improvements Commercial Tenant Finish

Loveland, CO

Square Footege



Spring 2022

Parallel Financial commissioned SPD Architecture to design its new headquarters in downtown Loveland.  The existing building housed, at one time or another, a restaurant and a bicycle shop and so the proposed tenant improvement would require a Change of Use to add the ‘Business” use.   The design intent was open the scape to the roof framing above as the existing ceiling was just under 8 feet tall.  As demolition began, a unique composition was presented that was not expected.  After conferring with a structural engineer, it was determined that the structure of the ceiling and roof would need to remain as is.  However, the bridging coupled nicely with the newly planned diagonal layout of the wood floor.  Thus creating an interesting visual flow throughout the space.

The tenant improvement includes a new conference room,  four new offices, and a large waiting area with a coffee bar.

Photos coming soon!